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GraffittiBeasts brings to you the real art from the streets.
This design is made by Trun (Russia) Moscow, Russia
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PREMIUM fabrics polyamide, made in Brazil

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GB brings to you the real art from the streets by an innovative and original concept created by Graffiti Beasts, allowing you to have the privilege of wearing a piece of art with tremendous value to compose your workout look or on a daily use. GB brings you the most amazing art pieces from real graffiti walls around the world, where you can find a perfect mix between art & fashion.
A team with the finest worldwide graffiti writers is constantly working to bring you the most “Original Art 4 Unique People 2 Wear”.

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Our polyamide fabrics is the perfect solution for those who demand PREMIUM quality in your workout and look, offering comfort, softness, strength and flexibility. It’s resistant to stains and wrinkles, easy to wash, nice touch, quick drying and protection against solar UV 50+ allied to a digital printing technology. Thermal comfort is increased compared with other tissues ( sensation of heat is low) and low propagation of odors. It is the most pleasing to the skin tissue and is perfect for sports

Creative • Stylish • Innovative • Unique

Design by Trun (Russia) Moscow, Russia


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