The Story So Far

Blue Apple Fitness started with a few fitness addicts trying to balance demanding full time jobs with; training to get abs, family, social lives, learning how to get abs, eating to get abs and erm did we mention abs!

In the mass of it all we found there was no one place to go that brought together all the latest fitness supplements, clothing and goods, in a simple one stop shop that we could rely on.

We would spend hours trawling the web for new brands that would help us look good and feel good. The sheer pain of it all ultimately ended up with us going back to the same brands for our supplements, clothes and accessories, just because it was easier (yes first world problems we know!)

We knew there were loads of great brands out there doing amazing stuff but it was so hard to find them. So the brain boxes and passionate enterprise developers amongst us (is there such a term??) decided that we wanted to do something about it, and so Blue Apple Fitness was born.

What is Blue Apple Fitness?
In its simplest form Blue Apple Fitness is THE on-line market place for fitness; supplements, clothing and accessories.

We plan to be THE one stop shop for all things fitness, the first place anyone who wants anything fitness related will turn to, rely on and trust. With a strong brand and community behind us we plan to be the Amazon and Etsy of the fitness world!

What is a Selling Partner?
Blue apple fitness is a community and two of our values are about being collaborative and supportive. This community will only grow through the success of our sellers and we see this a partnership, hence all our accepted sellers are Selling Partners.

Blue Apple Fitness. Your One Stop Shop for all things fitness. In it together!

Jyoti Mehan Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the one stop shop for all things fitness.  Our journey is just starting but our vision is clear. We will:

Bring new and exciting brands to you as one of our community members.

Build a community for all fitness enthusiasts. This is more than going to the gym and training for abs, this really is our lifestyle and our passion. (Yes that’s cheesy we know!)

Support Small to Medium Enterprises build their brand and presence in a saturated market. We are all entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference, and quite simply, if you grow we grow. We really are in it together.

This is just the beginning for us, so if you (that’s anyone in our community, buyer or Selling Partner) want something, think we are doing something wrong, have better ideas (which we are sure you do!) let us know and we will do our best to deliver.

1. Collaborative
Our community is made up of Selling Partners and customers, we will work with you to build this community. Your ideas, your thoughts and your opinions matter to us and will shape our collective journey going forwards.

2. Supportive
We will provide the best advice and support we can to our community, whether that’s on the latest thinking or how to grow your market.

3. Transparent
We will strive to be open and honest in all we do.

4. Fun
And finally, we are a young vibrant brand that understand that this industry, whichever side you sit on, is challenging. We will work hard, always learning along the way, to bring the best package we can to our community. At the same time, we will always try to keep things fun as life is too short otherwise!